Surge MIS is an analytical module of Surge HIMS. Surge MIS provides very comprehensive MIS and DSS reports for business unit owners and strategic  decision makers. It also provides dynamic analysis reports with prediction.Surge MIS generated data is implicitly stored in an inbuilt analysis data warehouse and it is readily usable for analytical reporting.

Occupancy, Financial Trends & Predictions

You can analyze your occupancy trends across seasons, months, week days, across area of patient residence, gender etc. Collection trends and prediction can be done for finance planning.

Referral/Consultant Analysis

Know the referring and treating doctors performance at a glance. Leverage the data for rewarding and promotional programs.

Re-admit Prediction

Analyze medical data after removing patient identity to get trends of symptoms, diagnoses and pharmacy consumption. Find patterns of revisit patients and first time patients.

Visual Graphical Analysis

The analysis are easy to understand and they clearly standout and provides drill down for detailing

50% increase in diabetic cases 

90% YoY collection target met

25% subscibed SMS

40% paid by card

Multi-point Analysis

When it is a strategic decision making time for the investors, directors and business unit owners, they need key summaries, trends and predictive numbers. Surge MIS provides meaningful trends, performance of departments, labs and any other parameter so that they know which areas to expand, which plans to implement, top referrers and so on.