Surge HIMS gives a comprehensive list of features needed to manage your hospital information efficiently.

InPatient / Outpatient / Clinical Patient Mgmt

Admission to Discharge Cycle

Easy and intelligent capturing of patient and attender data, with photographs, capture all transactions. The front office is ready with discharge process in minutes as soon as the treatment gets complete!

Patient Charges & Cash Mgmt.

Handle insurance TPA bills, healthcare packages, cash/credit payments. Easy handover of cash with staff shift wise closures, daily closures. Integrated referral fee, doctor fee management with TDS processing, cheque printing and RTGS.

SMS Notificatons

Information sharing made easy with SMS notifications on doctor’s availability, schedule change to patients, referral arrival intimation to referring doctors, admission arrival information to RMO and PRO.

Rooms/bed Mgmt & Dashboard

Admission Process

Your front office team will complete the admit process quickly and accurately on Surge HIMS with confidence by minimal and one time data capturing, and room availability checking.

Room Allotment

Front office can check room availability at real time, do advance booking, shift patient to desired rooms and Surge HIMS will take care of billing properly.

Rooms Dashboard

With corporate grade rooms dashboard, front office can greet visitors, visiting doctors with smile and guide them to rooms easily. RMO and PRO gets complete hospital occupancy summary on one screen live!

Access to all departments

Rooms Dashboard gives you access to all services provided to patient and to apply bills. From the dashboard, you can drill down to patient’s EMR, charts and billing details and apply or collect charges quickly.

Visitors & Attenders

Searching for patients in Surge HIMS by partial name, by doctor, by date of admission, with rooms highlighting dynamically makes easy to locate patients. The HIMS also manages additional room allocation for attenders etc.

Patient EMR / DMR

Unique Patient ID

Identify your patient across visits even after years and across departments. Make registration process simple for you and your patient, with treatment history readily available.

EMR & Scanned Records

Manage a comprehensive EMR with digitally captured data from punching in or from diagnostic machines directly. Also attach scanned reports from outside pathology, history or current files.

ICD 10

Record precise diagnosis information of patients according to international standards by selecting ICD10 codes.


  • Pathology
  • Histopathology
  • Radiology
  • Cardiology
  • Blood bank


  • Prescription Slips
  • Pharmacy billing
  • Pharmacy Inventory
  • Kits and Replacements
  • Integration with Nursing Station

Financial Accounting & Closure

  • Everything from Cash book to P&L accounts
  • Balance Sheets
  • Year Closure and bring forward
  • Optional integration with Tally FA


Payroll Accounting

Surge HIMS provides completely integrated payroll accounting management. Disbursing advance salary, salary, generating salary slips, employee ledgers, TDS and professional tax management comes built-in.

Cheque Printing / RTGS integration

Surge HIMS comes with cheque printing module to generate cheques in bulk. It can also integrate with your banking system to generate mass RTGS lists.

Attendance Integration

Surge HIMS integrates with your choice of bio-metric or other attendance capturing systems. Surge HIMS can be further secured by allowing bio-metric login check.

O.T. Management

  • O.T. Booking
  • O.T. Bill of Materials
  • O.T. Surgeons and others scheduling

Nursing station

  • Prescription & Chart Management
  • Two way Integration with Diagnostics
  • Staff Shift Management

Corporate Health Checkup

  • Customer Wise Policies
  • Packages and Pricelists


Material Purchase

Surge HIMS provides requisition based purchase system. Along with masters based item lists, purchase forms provide built-in intelligence of best prices, best vendor and trend of previous purchases. With Surge HIMS, It will be very hard to make wrong purchase decisions!

Integration with Financial Accounting

Hospital ERP, Financial Accounting and Inventory – all three in one system! This makes your system reflect your hospital data in real time and no more struggling with inconsistent multiple systems.

Consumable and Non-Consumable issuing

Track your consumption of consumable items and track issue and return of non-consumable items using Surge HIMS.

Stock level alerts

Order in time! Generate alerts and automated purchase requisition lists based on stock levels.

Claims Processing

TPA Management

Surge HIMS provides complete solution to handle data requirements needed by TPAs. All formats are pre-designed and updated as per standards regularly. Reduces your insurance payment cycle drastically.

Package Deals

You can feed in package deals for unlimited number of treatments and procedures. Apply them to applicable cases and you are ready to process all data and generate all reports based on templates.