About SurgeHIMS
Private Limited

SurgeHIMS is the leading Hospital Information management Software in Central India. We are focused on and serving hospitals since 2005.

The medical care is a noble and ever evolving service industry. Innovation and regulatory compliance go hand in hand only in this field. We help hospitals achieve in both innovation and compliance by simplifying and smoothing the information flow process.


We serve large multi-specialty hospitals run by corporate houses as well as midsize nursing homes. With a well defined road map, we release Surge HIMS at regular intervals. Surge HIMS always keeps hospitals ready with latest compliance required reporting that needs to be released to CMOs, Municipal or City Corporations. SurgeHIMS helps hospitals to comply easily with NABH guidelines on information management needs.

Surge HIMS comes readily integrated with ICD10 systems and we are very soon enabling care agencies with HIPAA compliance in information security.

SurgeHIMS Private Limited has its own development unit in Central India and Sales offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. We provide installation services and support all across India from our call center.

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